360Careers combines the knowledge and experience of her experts to be able to advise and support you.

Onze experts kennen de markt en kunnen onafhankelijk en objectief oordelen over functioneren, toekomstmogelijkheden en ontwikkelingspotentieel.
Vragen die vaak naar voren komen draaien om inzicht, richting, balans en nieuwe opties.

Our experts know the market and are able to judge objectively about performance, development potential and opportunities. Common topics include insight, direction, balance and new options.

360Careers offers independent advice, a pool of competent coaches, transparent and effective training & counseling and a pipeline of excellent candidates.

Marline Stoffer – van Dam
is the initiator and managing partner of 360Careers. Her International experience in law and financial services has resulted in a worldwide network. Over the past twenty years, she has built a successful career in executive search, coaching and mediation. She is an outstanding listener, capable of canalizing the knowledge and experience of the experts of 360Careers. She can skillfully provide solutions in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.



The road to wisdom is paved with learning opportunities

360Careers strives to give every one the opportunity to fully develop. This unique road of development is built on individual choices. Ultimately it leads to an optimal situation for individuals and organizations.
At 360Careers, it’s not just our clients, but also our experts, that can learn with and from each other. Open, up-to-date communication is essential; empathy, respect, knowledge, interest and creativity are basic conditions. New technological applications are a given. Executive SearchCoaching and Training each can be used as instruments to realize development.

Part of learning is inspiring and sharing information. 360Careers regularly organizes workshops and round table discussions with interesting speakers. See our blogs (only in dutch)



360careers has experts in numerous fields

The experts of 360Careers are experienced, academically formed professionals, who excel in their subject. They cover at least one of 360Careers’ services and frequently more than one.
To meet the needs of our clients, we have a wide array of experts. Compassionate personalities with an extensive education. By joining forces, we can use the range of expertise to build custom-made solutions for our clients.

The diversity of the experts of 360Careers leads to remarkable results


specialized in advancing professionals; executive search, coaching and mediation


Marline Stoffer, the people I work with are instrumental to their own success. I support this by reflecting, posing (challenging) questions and if necessary providing suggestions. This creates insight which we translate into potential and opportunities. Practical; to create value for people and thereby enrich organizations. This can be accomplished in different ways and is always tailor-made. Sometimes with an “out-of-the-box” approach. In the end we want to attain the best possible result. Preferably for the long term!

Marline Specialized in advancing professionals; executive search, coaching and mediation.

Marline was first introduced to executive search when she transferred from the legal to the banking profession. An introduction that sparked a rewarding career in executive search for over fifteen years. It is a perfect fit with her passion to help people realize their full potential. She advises organizations and coaches professionals in diversity, leadership, career and talent development. Thereby actively using her (international) work experience.

In mediation she combines her analytical, communication and listening skills with her warm interest in people to help them create a win-win result.
Marline is founding and managing partner of 360Careers.
She is MBTI and HOGAN certified and can work in multiple languages


is specialized in communication and presentation, internal communication and brainstorm sessions.

Communication advice and training are especially appealing to me, because of the diversity of subjects, problems and contacts. This has taught and inspired me to be a good listener, to quickly adapt to new topics, to be energetic, flexible and creative in finding new solutions and to motivate people.

Every person develops in his or her own way during the training programmes and everyone is stimulated to give his or her best. This requires a constructive and critical approach to problems, a creative mind as well as a sense of humor.

Arjan is specialised in communication and presentation, internal communication and brainstorm sessions.

Arjan Offerhaus has a Master’s degree in Law. She has worked in the field of marketing communication and advertising for many years. Since 2000 she works as a communication consultant and trainer in various areas of communication.

The training courses are aimed at encouraging people to enjoy communication. Everyone can improve oneself in this area. The goal is to make discussions, interaction and presentations more effective and more interesting and to facilitate internal communication, by getting the best out of everyone and adding the right skills.

Every organisation as well as every individual has its own character and complexities. Therefor, every training is developed, in consultation with the client. Key words throughout the training are self-confidence, courage, open mindedness, pleasure and originality.
Training courses, a.o.: Communication and Presentation, Express Yourself, Internal Communication, Job Applications and Interviews, Meetings, Handlings Conflicts, Assertiveness, Leadership.


specialized in the assessment center methodology, e-assessments, career coaching and outplacement


Erik Reytenbagh, graduated in the organizational and clinical psychology and posseses as a consultant and entrepreneur more than twenty years of experience in assessing and developing talent in organizations. He is coach and an expert on talent management.

Erik is specialized in the assessment center methodology, e-assessments, career coaching and outplacement. He has experience with a wide range of psychometric tests and is MBTI certified.

Every man has a talent factor and an intrinsic motivation to develop these talents. Talents make the difference in order to be competitive and succesful. However, each a succesful career should also be aligned with the inner values and motivations. Tests are useful, but more important is the expert who applies them. What is a doctor without a stethoscope? What is the use of exellent tools without being a skilled carpenter? The main capital of the psychologist is his/her knowledge, insights and experience.

Marijke van der Heijden


specialized as systemic working coach, counsellor, consultant and trainer for individual clients and teams.


Marijke van der Heijden, has been coaching professionals in complex work contexts for more than 25 years. As a coach and counsellor she facilitates the personal development of her clients.
She offers task driven containment to professionals in their search for personal leadership, working with organizational role analysis. Searching and exploring together, sharing the thinking during the process is her way of working.
Her clients range from young professionals to senior executives. As consultant she creates a safe and fruitful atmosphere for learning and development. She stimulates and knows how to stay on track, observing the boundaries.
Marijke has much experience in training a very divers group of clients, ranging from lawyers and advisors in the profit sector to colleagues in training.

MARIJKE is specialized as systemic working coach, counsellor, consultant and trainer for individual clients and teams.

Marijke van der Heijden, knows about developmental processes and has the insight needed for coaching and consulting these processes. She is a creative person with a good sense of humour. She provides a clear frame to clients’ questions, without any simplification. She knows to facilitate space for thoughts and actions. She offers new perspectives and stimulates awareness for out-of-the-box thoughts. In this process she uses creative processes to look beneath the surface of the organization in search of important (partly) unconscious themes and issues. Her knowledge of – and immense love for the visual arts is a great help in this process.

Voornaam Achternaam


specializes in coaching and consultancy.


Elsbeth Boerboom, is a dedicated coach and consultant. She offers individuals and teams room for reflection on their work, task and future. In a safe environment personal dilemmas underlying the professional questions can also be addressed. Her strength is to bring clarity to complex situations, provide fresh perspectives and connect people and ideas. With a listening ear, a warm heart and a inquisitive mind.

Elsbeth specializes in coaching and consulting to professionals.

Questions could be either more on a personal level (eg, personal effectiveness or career counselling) or more on a professional level (eg leadership development or teambuilding). Always with a focus on sustainable business results.
Helping to create a (working) environment that invites people to use their talents, is what makes Elsbeth tick, with a special interest in diversity and developing female talent.
She is a sparring partner for managers and entrepreneurs and knows the specific issues of family businesses.

Esther Celosse


specializes in supporting strategic LEAN implementations.

Esther Celosse, is an experienced management consultant and trainer. She is a certified executive coach and mediator with skills in the use of MBTI and NLP techniques. With her background as a lawyer and business manager, her pragmatic and no-nonsense approach and her experience, she is the natural partner for executive managers in strategic change processes. Before she went to work as an independent consultant, she has made a 20 years career in international banking and trust. Esther has lived and worked both in Europe and in South America.

Esther specializes in supporting strategic LEAN implementations.

Esther Celosse supports executive management in strategic change. With her pragmatic and “no-nonsense” approach she guides managers in LEAN organizations in the financial sector through training, workshops and “on the job” coaching. She ensures that the required change in mentality is created.
Nowadays she keeps her office in Luxembourg. From there, she operates in projects with international financial companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Luxembourg and France.



The experts of 360Careers are supported by the Advisory Board. The members of the Board are experienced and dedicated professionals, with extensive and complementary expertise.

Jan Moulijn
Jan is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor since 2007. Before that, he was associated with AlpInvest and co-founder of Waterland Private Equity Investments. The first eight years of his career, Jan worked with Shell. Jan studied Law in Leiden and Brussels (LL.M)

Rutger Ploum
After studying Dutch Law in Leiden, Rutger worked as an attorney in Rotterdam. In 1995 he co-founded the law firm Ploum Lodder Princen. Rutger specializes in labor law and is a registered MfN-mediator.

José Tijssen
José is Corporate Director Communications & External Relations at Mediq. From 2003-2013 she worked for Citigate First Financial, since 2005 as Managing Director. Before that, she was Director Corporate Communications at ING and responsible for Investor Relations of KPN. After her study Business Administration in Rotterdam, she worked for ABN AMRO and Wolters Kluwer.